FCS NPE 2018 Preview

FCS sincerely welcomes you to come and visit our booth at NPE 2018.

Location:Orange County Convention Center
Booth:W911, W1103

First introduced in 1946, NPE is currently USA’s NO.1 and world’s NO.2 plastics and rubber trade fair. And it will be held in Orlando from May 7th to 11th. The mega show this year features advanced technology, plastics and rubber technologies and products offered by more than 65,000 exhibitors from 128 countries participating in this event.

U.S. Plastics Industry is one of the largest manufacturing industries in the United States and holds a leading position in the global plastics market. Its employees are as many as 1.4 million, and the annual shipment value exceeds US$ 310 billion. To meet the domestic demand for a large number of plastic products, FCS made a contract with MARUKA in 2011, which declared to cooperate in general agency of the North America, and will focus on plastic commodities, exhibiting 3 systems namely Hi-Tech Intelligent Injection Molding Machine, Two-Platen Hydra-Mech Injection Molding Machine and Standard Toggle Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine.

These models contain highly technical and innovative concept, which shows that FCS Group has a high degree of specialization in system integration and innovative development.

1. Two-Platen Molding System:LA-550
Since 2006, FCS successfully developed the first “Two-platen Hydra-Mech IMM”, LM series, with a clamping force of up to 3,200 tons. Despite its long clamping stroke, its small design can save of 20% to 30% floor space making it suitable for products with deep depth. There is no toggle structure needed for the LN series. The clamping unit requires less lubrication and maintenance so the pollution and cost would be lower. The mold opening speed is faster which lessens cycle time. FCS will be showing LA-550 automatically producing one-cavity Cutlery Tray weighted around 148.4g.

2. Standard Power-Saving Molding System:HA-140
HA has always been a regular winner on FCS’s sales charts. Adopted with high efficiency motor, the energy saving could be 40% better than various pump, 70%~80% better than traditional pump and even weight error of the products lesser than 0.4%~0.7% to accomplish high energy saving, high precise, high response, low noise and easy to be controlled. FCS will be displaying HA-140 with master-batch feeder and automated packaging systems automatically producing Puzzle indicating the application of diversified production solutions.

3. Standard Toggle Hydraulic Molding System:FA-160
The FA series is a new generation standard servo energy-saving hydraulic injection molding machine newly released by FCS. Not only the specifications are upgraded, but its design is also optimized. In addition, the appearance of this model’s shielding design combines both aesthetics and human ergonomics concept to create head-line news again. It also has the following multiple features:
*Product specifications upgrade: including increases in tie-bars distance, injection velocity, higher system pressure to match high injection volume requirements, high injection pressure for higher- pressure requirement products.
*New generation of mold clamping unit: strength of the platen design reinforced by 30%, more uniform clamping force distribution, lower machine platen deformation, smoother mold closing-opening operation control, more stable operation and extended machine lifetime.
*New generation of injection unit improvements: machine operates accurately with injection close-loop operation control without installing additionally sensors and equipment, machine operation stability optimized.

You are sincerely welcome to visit our booth at NPE 2018!

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