FCS Makes Full Efforts to Dominate in 2025

Fu Chun Shin Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. (FCS) was listed on OTC in electrical machinery category in 2004 and has become the only publicly traded Injection Molding Machines (IMMs) manufacture in Taiwan, as well as a provider of precision plastic injection molding technology services. FCS owns a professional team to excel in IMMs, tool molding, molding technology and other fields to provide total solutions in customization and automation (systematic) of production equipment to meet customer requirements.

With regard to ChINAPLAS 2015, Deputy CEO Alan Wang (Vice Chairman of Plastic and Rubber Machinery Professional Committee, TAMI) said that exhibitors are still focusing on displaying Two-Platen Machines, Two-Component Machines or All-Electric Machines. This time, FCS is launching the brand new Horizontal Rotary Table Two-Component IMM and Servo Power-Saving Multiple-Component IMM. Not only can these models offer high technological contents and innovative ideas, they also comply with energy saving demand and industrial development trend, significantly showing the professional expertise of FCS in systems integration and R&D innovation. Wherein, the 350-ton clamping force of Horizontal Rotary Table Two-Component IMM is enough to cover the mold loading capacity of a traditional 1,000 ton-dual-colored machine. That is, this series has combined the multi-technology of large Two-Platen IMM, Two-Component IMM, Horizontal Rotary Table IMM and Servo Power-Saving IMM technology with high investment returns.

In addition to strive in continuous development of innovative products, FCS has another sustainable business essential - “people,” by implementing unique practices to nurture talents to fulfill the social responsibility, actively participate in the government “Dual System of Vocational Training Project in Taiwan” to help youngsters to blend in the workplaces smoothly, integrate the three resources of government, schools and enterprises to create a theoretical and practical training environment for students, arrange dedicated teachers to strengthen tutoring on weaker subjects such as calculus and English, and enhance an apprenticeship approach in work to lead students in learning professional skills and regard them as permanent staff to pay a salary they deserved. If they succeed to become full-time employees, they can even have the opportunities to be elected as management trainees or excellent employees eligible to attend comprehensive training courses, engage in work rotation jobs in the plant and study abroad on internship programs. It has been the third consecutive years FCS has participated in the Dual System of Vocational Training Project, and twice been awarded with “Excellent Business Unit” award. Its training experience has also been listed in micro- film “Metamorphosis - Seeing the Future” by the Ministry of Labor. 

Commencing on the future development of plastic injection machines, Wang noted that machinery and equipment should emphasize market orientation to develop a “background standardization & foreground customization” concept based on the industry characteristics of customers. Take “Made in China 2025” for example, machinery and equipment will be manufactured in a “small-volume, large-variety & short delivery” approach in the future. This means that machinery and equipment will move towards a development path of “modular, standardization & intelligentization.” To cope with this trend, the fundamental industry performances will be relatively important in that we have to re-think on the structural designs of all equipment in the future. So, plastic IMMs will face an important transition stage in the next three years. FCS has set up two production bases in mainland China (Dongguan and Ningbo), and the Henan new plant will also be built soon. We have fully prepared in the coming transition period and expected to achieve the vision to rank one of the top 10 largest manufacturers of IMMs in the world.

《Source: Taiwan Machinery Monthly, June 2015 Issue》