FCS installed its largest two-platen IMM in KEYWAY

FCS has more than 45 years of R&D achievements in plastic injection molding industry, and has customized injection molding machines for more than 10,000 customers in various industries. In last Sept., FCS successfully developed for KEYWAY the 1st largest two-platen injection molding machine (LM series) with 4,000 tons of clamping force. KEYWAY is the Taiwan ’s most popular leader brand of houseware products, and has 40 FCS injection molding machines producing 24 hours every day, exporting products to more than 40 countries.

LM series has great reputation that has been developed since 2005, standing for achieving the most efficient production mode with the smallest footprint and the least energy. 2010, FCS LM two-platen injection molding machine received orders of USD 5 million from TATA in India. In 2012 and 2016, it won the "Design & Innovation Plastics & Rubber Machinery" award for honorable mentions and Excellence, and the “Taiwan Excellence Award” in 2018.

This high-end machine for KEYWAY has interlocking design in clamping unit to achieve a better fluent high-pressure clamping. The high-rigidity platen and extended guide design could carry a huger mold. High-parallelism platens coupled with Novotechnik German sensors make it a fast and precise mold closing performance under the maximum daylight of 4,500 mm.

The injection unit adopts Rexroth proportional valve, FCS servo system, and KEBA controller integrated PDP and remote controlling function enhance the managing efficiency and save energy upto 30~70%. Furthermore, it has 4.0 intelligent system which monitors the rigidity condition of platens in real time, and provides detection, alarm and notification functions.