Factory Tour - FCS Plastic Injection Production Base

A Plastic injection factory amid the country roads

Take the Taiwan High Speed Rail to the Guanmiao District of Tainan, which is famous for its pineapples in Taiwan, you will see a factory covering over 70,000 square meters in the pineapple fields and a large sign written “FCS” from afar. As the COVID-19 pandemic makes travel more difficult, Hank, the manager of FCS Overseas Sales Department, will take you on a virtual tour to the production base of the FCS plastic injection molding machines. Here, you will see a 48-year-old traditional mechanical manufacturer that has comparable fame as the renowned Guanmiao pineapples in Tainan. 

We customize our products with intelligent production 

Once inside the production plant, you will find this customized machine that we manufactured for our overseas client. To match the special design of the mold, FCS, with the two-color injection molding machine and customization as its core advantages, developed a two-color injection solution for our client. By combining servo power-saving injection molding machine (HT Series) with two different types of injection units, namely the horizontal type and the vertical type, we have expanded the usage range of the standard machines (HT Series), so that standard conventional machines can also be used for multi-color applications. 

Photo / The injection molding product of FCS servo power-saving injection molding machine (HT Series): two-color shampoo cap

Integrate the latest European technologies to create new business opportunities for two-platen injection molding machines emerge

Under the demands for compact size and lightweight of the components by the automobile industry, we are facing growing business opportunities on automotive plastics and two-platen injection molding machines. The FCS two-platen injection molding machine (LM Series) integrates European technologies, and is 30% smaller than the traditional toggle machine, which allows our clients to be more space-efficient. 

The mold clamping stroke and capacity are bigger than traditional machines, making the machine suitable to produce large or deep barrel products, and could also reducing power consumption by 50%-70%. It well matches the market demand for automotive plastic accessories. 

Photo / Two-platen injection molding machine (LM Series) suitable for the injection molding of medium and large-sized plastic parts, such as front grill and other automotive accessories. 

“As a professional machine manufacturer, we help our clients to solve their molding process problems by testing their molds in our factory,” said Hank, “so we can teach our clients the principles of scientific molding, while ensuring the best performance of our injection molding machine.” 

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Transform from a traditional factory to optimized production management

When walking through the production site of FCS, do you want to know how to accurately control the production schedule when different customized machines of various sizes are launched together? The board of production progress on the wall can clearly display the real-time production status of injection molding machines, making it easy for managers to control the schedule, improve production efficiency, and avoid delays. 


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