FCS CHINAPLAS 2018 Preview

FCS sincerely welcomes you to come and visit our booth at CHINAPLAS 2018.

Location:National Exhibition & Convention Center, Hongqiao, Shanghai, PR China
Booth:3H, B61

The 32nd "CHINAPLAS 2018" will be held in Shanghai from April 24th-27th. This year it first moves to the National Exhibition & Convention Center, Hongqiao, Shanghai. It is expected to gather over 4,000 exhibitors at the 340,000m2 exhibition hall. The exhibition has two themes of “Smart Manufacturing, and Molding the Future”, and showcases the world's leading solutions for rubber and plastic machinery, materials and technology.

FCS Group will launch four major themes of "All-Electric," "Multi-Component," "Two-Platen," and "Packaging" in the plastics industry. The new design and up-to-date technologies which are combined with an Intelligent Manufactory Platform and Industry 4.0 demonstrate the professional capabilities of system integration and innovative R&D, and further announces the new corporate mission of FCS “Mold Better Future”.

1. All-Electric Molding System: HE Series
FCS has successfully developed the all-electric injection molding machine ten years ago and won the TAIPEIPLAS, "Excellent Award" and " Ringier Technology Innovation Award for the plastics industry". In this time, FCS introduces an all-electric injection molding machine with a 300-ton clamping force. In combination with cavity pressure sensor, it can quickly and easily produce 100ml ice cream cup with 4+4 cavities. It not only doubles production output through the stack mold technology, but also uses flow intelligent auto-balancing system for monitoring and automatic compensation and screening of defective products to achieve unmanned production monitoring. It demonstrates the concept of an intelligent factory.

2. Precision Power-saving Multi-Component Molding System: FB-R Series
FCS has been leading the development direction of the industry with advanced technical strength in the field of dual molding. The Servo Power-Saving Multi-Component injection machine developed by FCS has a maximum clamping force of 1,900 tons. It is equipped with a closed-loop servo valve and new single cylinder injection construction as well as patented rotary positioning clamper and other technologies to achieve stable actuation and precise positioning. FCS will showcase a newly designed FB-280R coupled with the European SEPRO robot, automatic production of scalable collapsible strainer to show the highly admired multi-component molding technology.

3. Two-Platen Molding System: LN Series
In conjunction with European technology, FCS has successfully developed a large-sized two-platen injection molding machine with a clamping force of 500-3,700 tons since 2006. Its feature is that except for the third platen (adjustment of mold), the required lad area of the equipment is reduced by 20%-30% compared with the traditional injection molding machine; the ultra-long mold clamping strokes and the huge capacity are applicable to all types of large and deep barrel products. In view of the energy saving of the injection molding machine and the trend of miniaturization of the two-platen machine, the LN-500 is exhibited here. With KUKA 6-axis robot, it can automatically produce 850g finishing box.

4. In Mold Labeling Turnkey Solution: HN-h/p Series
The HN-h/p series are FCS's newly designed rapid injection molding machines. They are precise, power-saving, high-speed, stable, and high-efficiency and can significantly increase production efficiency and reduce costs, satisfying the demands for various high-speed solutions for thin-wall packaging containers. In this exhibition, the launched HN-280p is equipped with servo electric hot melt single-cylinder injection construction and in mold labeling automation equipment and can produce 8-cavity yogurt cup with cycle time 5 seconds.

You are sincerely welcome to visit our booth at CHINAPLAS 2018!

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