FCS Awarded the Primary Drafting Unit of Standard for Multi-Component Plastic Injection Molding Machine

From May 7 to 9, 2019, China Plastics Machinery Industry Association held meeting to draft the standards for “high-speed precision plastic IMM”, “vertical plastic IMM” and “multi-component plastic IMM” in Hangzhou. The work meeting mainly discussed and revised the drafted standards for the three types of IMM, and reviewed the suggestions or disagreements proposed by each unit.

Among them, FCS Ningbo was awarded the primary drafting unit of standard for multi-component plastic IMM”. Hsiao-chou Chen, the main drafter and manager of FCS Technology Department, presided over the discussion on the draft (2nd edition) of the standard for “multi-component plastic injection molding machine”. The standard was established in December 2017, on which two meetings have been organized to discuss. This meeting mainly aims to further discuss the detection method of the rotary positioning accuracy and related data verification.

FCS has been devoted to the development and manufacturing of IMM for more than 45 years, during which it has won the “Top 15 Institutions of Injection Machinery of China” for years. In particular, the FB series multi-component IMM has earned an international reputation. In 2018, its shipment amounted to 350 units that contributed to 65% of the total sales in Ningbo. This model was also selected as one of the outstanding machinery industrial products for the "40th anniversary of Reform and Opening up".

Having devoted itself to multi-component molding technology for 35 years, FCS has leveraged its solid technology and innovation to provide customers with the most suitable solutions, and has integrated market demand with research and development for the demand in all walks of life, empowering customers to be a first mover and sharing mutual benefits.