6 Tips to Select Injection Molding Machines

China is recognized by the UN to have the world's most perfect industrial system, and the plastic machinery manufacturing industry is one of the traditional ones enjoying the most rapid development. 

Injection machines play an important role in such rapid development of the plastics industry, no matter by quantity or by type. For they can form in once plastic products of complex shapes, precise dimensions and fine quality, or even with metal inserts, injection molding machines have been widely applied in all sectors of people's daily life, including national defense, motor, automobile, transportation, building materials, packaging, agriculture, culture, education and healthcare. There are a variety of injection molding machines of different models and different uses on the market, so users have been always confused by how to select perfect injection molding machines:
How to Select Injection Molding Machine
Here are the notes that we should pay attention to when selecting injection machines: 

Tip 1: 
Technical parameters of injection molding machines 
A vertical or horizontal comparison can be made when selecting injection machines. A vertical comparison is to compare the main technical parameters of injection molding machines according to industry standards, and a “horizontal comparison”is to compare the technical parameters of domestic and foreign injection molding machines of the same type, which are both scientific works needing carefulness. 

The materials, shapes, structures of injection products and their applicable fields and scenarios, the structures, quality and precision of dies, the number of die openings, the types, shapes and dimensions of runners, and the daily, monthly and annual production capacity and automation degree of products, are all the parameters to be considered when selecting injection machines.

Tip 2:
Working stability, reliability, safety and service life of injection molding machines 
The stability of injection machines is mainly reflected in whether the clamping mechanism and the injection system run smoothly in each looping cycle, without impacting noise and with noise not exceeding the industry standard, which are determined by mechanical manufacturing and assembly precision of machines, as well as reasonable design and structure of toggle links. 

Reliability and service life are mainly reflected in system rigidity of the clamping mechanism, which is determined by the shape, size, material and heat treatment process of templates, pull rods, links and pin shafts. The structure and manufacturing process of the injection system of an injection machine, containing the barrel, screw and tip of screw, as well as the check ring and the screw drive spindle, which are the main stress and wear parts, directly affect the machine's service life. 

Tip 3: 
Safety of injection molding machines  
Human and machine safety is determined by the reliability of the low-voltage protection system when the clamping mechanism is running. Injection molding machines are required to be equipped with an electrical-mechanical-hydraulic joint safety protection system to guarantee the safety of both dies and humans. Before mold closing, where the safety door is not properly closed, the clamping mechanism will stop working. During mold closing, where the safety door is not properly closed, the platen will stop working or open automatically. Where, during mold closing, any foreign matter, such as an insert, falls into the cavity by mistake due to vibration, or any foreign matter is inserted into the mold by mistake, the mold will stop closing, or will open automatically and alarm. 

Another safety system in injection molding machines is the cold start prevention of the pre-plasticized screw. Where screw materials fail to reach the specified temperature and holding time, it is forbidden to start, otherwise, it will alarm. Injection molding machines are also required to be equipped with protective devices at their nozzles to prevent burns caused by splashed materials. 

Tip 4: 
High automation, complete functions and high production efficiency 
Modern injection molding machines can enable manual, semi-auto and auto operations. As long as a mold is reasonably designed, a modern injection machine can run fully automatically from injection to molding and to product ejection. It also enables unmanned operations if equipped with robots. Functions, including core pulling and plugging, hydraulic nozzle control and quick runner probe heating, can be programmed into the automatic process in the injection molding cycle for automatic loops. 

High production efficiency refers to a short molding cycle of products from each mold under normal injection process conditions. It reflects the comprehensive performance of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems of an injection molding machine, so in order to guarantee it, it is necessary to adopt high-quality hydraulic and electronic components and precise manufacturing techniques that can improve the sensitivity and repeatability of the systems of injection machines. 

Tip 5: 
Energy conservation and environmental friendliness, an important index to select a good injection molding machine  
Energy conservation refers to better water and electricity conservation of an injection machine than those of its type when its electromagnetic heating system, power drive system (containing the inverter and servo) and heat dissipation system are working under normal process conditions. 

An injection machine should be designed to be environment-friendly. That is, it should work quietly without causing noise pollution, hydraulic oil leakage or excessive noise, and it should be made of environmental materials as far as possible. 

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Tip 6 

An injection molding machine should be easy to maintain and repair, and its mechanical, hydraulic, electronic and electrical components should be assembled to facilitate its maintenance and repair. Universalization and standardization of an injection molding  machine are also important factors to users. 

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