Green and Environmentally Friendly FCS Machines to Appear at TAIMOLD

FCS is excited to announce its participation in the Taipei International Smart Mold & Die Industry Fair (TAIMOLD) 2023, scheduled to take place from August 23 to 26, 2023. You can find us at Booth S507, located on the 4th floor of Hall 2 in the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. During the event, FCS will showcase an array of all-electric injection molding machines and applications that feature “precision, energy-efficiency, intelligence, and cleanliness”. We are dedicated to offering diverse injection molding solutions tailored to your needs. These solutions include the integration and consultation of specialized technologies, including mold technology, advanced materials, and intelligent manufacturing, which can address process bottlenecks across various industries, providing innovative remedies for our valued industrial clients.
This year, with the supported of the Low-carbon and Intelligent Upgrading Transformation Subsidy Program initiated by the Industrial Development Bureau, Taiwan has successfully cultivated a proactive spirit among enterprises to invest in or replace their production equipment. In alignment with this initiative, FCS has established a special project team to facilitate the application process for transformation subsidies among its existing clientele. This strategic endeavor alleviates the financial burden of investments while enabling customers to seize opportunities ahead of economic recovery and embark on the path towards carbon reduction. This approach has been met with enthusiastic endorsement and affirmation.

All-electric Injection Molding Machine: CT-50e
FCS's CT-e All-Electric Injection Molding Machine, acclaimed for its merits of heightened efficiency, stability, and energy conservation, has garnered amplified attention within the global discourse on ESG concerns. Since its debut in 2019, this machine has seen remarkable uptake, averaging a sale per week, with cumulative sales having reached past 200 units.

The CT-e leverages advanced technologies including the European servo system, a sophisticated controller, and an Ethernet network bus. This results in injection control precision reaching a remarkable 0.01mm, and storage speed control accuracy of ±0.5rpm. The incorporation of superior pressure closed-loop operation control enables expedited and more precise mold adjustments. Additionally, the machine features intelligent mold low-pressure protection and injection compression functionalities, significantly mitigating risks and pressures for operators. At TAIMOLD, FCS will showcase an all-electric injection molding machine boasting a 50-ton clamping force. This machine has the capability to produce centrifugal tube covers with a single mold housing 12 cavities, all within a rapid 12-second cycle. Its applicability extends to industries demanding precision and cleanliness, such as optical, medical, and food packaging domains, facilitating precise and hygienic mass production.

iMF 4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory
FCS is at the forefront of providing proactive technological solutions to its customers. Back in 2017, the company introduced the iMF 4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory System, an innovation integrated into injection molding machines that interfaces with surrounding data to independently regulate and monitor quality parameters. By incorporating intelligent sensor modules, the injection molding machine enhances product yield, curbs production waste, and proactively alerts operators through an engineering monitoring and feedback mechanism, mitigating losses attributed to unforeseen downtimes. FCS stands poised to assist its clients in harnessing the potential of "smart" manufacturing opportunities. At Booth S507, FCS will unveil the iMF 4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory System in conjunction with the production of the all-electric injection molding machine CT-180e, crafted within FCS's southern Taiwan plant. This live demonstration will spotlight the concept of remotely managing overseas manufacturing facilities, the capture and extraction of production information, the added value derived from molding parameter data reuse, quality control, and the management of peripheral auxiliary equipment and systems.

Based on effective production cycle time management, the iMF 4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory System introduces a comprehensive framework encompassing mold management, machine management, and material management. In conjunction with the OPC international communication protocol, this system is designed to realize real-time visualization of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) information. It can facilitate the collation of equipment-related insights and production anomalies. Notably, this system is universally adaptable across injection molding machines from diverse brands. This transformative system empowers production managers with real-time insights into ongoing production dynamics, enabling swift responses to abnormalities and deviations. This strategic approach aligns with the overarching management objective of efficiently addressing and mitigating production abnormalities.

Welcome to FCS's booth (S507) at TAIMOLD, where innovative application and process integration that increase efficiency and yield will be presented to you.
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