FCS 1ST “Made in India” 2K Injection Molding Machine launched in PVI 2020

Plastivision (PVI) holding every 3 years, is one of the popular international plastic exhibitions in India, and was held for 5 days from January 16th to 21st in 2020. It attracted more than 200,000 visitors, and 1,500 exhibitors from 25 countries worldwide. The total area of China Pavilion took over 5,000 M2, which showed that Chinese exhibitors highly intent to invest in Indian market.

India is situated in the South Asian Subcontinent, with a population of 1.4 billion and a great potential of consumer market. In this PVI, nearly 60% of injection molding machines were Indian brands or made in India, and most of them were molding food packaging and houseware products. India seems to be expected to become the next fastest-growing market following China.

Considering India's market demand, FCS organized a product launch dinner on the 2nd day of PVI 2020, and announced its plan to setup a new factory in India. Also, the company introduced its All-Electric Injection Molding Machine, and the first Indian-made Multi-Component Injection Molding Machine, aiming to tap into the market with its leading technology and advanced applications. FCS was the only exhibitor presenting the multi-component injection molding machine with constant and reliable production during the whole exhibition, which have attracted many visitors and inquiries.

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Power-Saving Multi-Component Molding System: FB-280R
FCS has been developed Multi-Component Molding technology for over 35 years, from dual-color, tri-color to four-color. The Power-saving Multi-component injection molding system features the injection unit with up to 19 combinations and permutations, adopted closed-loop servo valves, the single-cylinder injection structure, and the patented rotary positioning clamper, to achieve a stable operation and precise positioning. In PVI, FB-280R IMM automatically molding Collapsible Strainers using PP and TPE, demonstrating FCS's professional multi-component molding technology.

Precision Medical Molding System: CT-120e
FCS All-Electric Injection Molding Machine adopts European high-level control system, which reflects a performance level comparable to the Japanese machine’s motion control. It is highly efficient, reliable, energy-saving, and intelligent. Its optimized pressure closed-loop algorithm control allows faster mold adjustments with high precision. The newly launched CT-120e at PVI produced 32-cavity Pipette Tips, which is the top choice for precise and stable molding of medical devices.

In this PVI FCS has receive a high number of inquiries, over 170 valid business cards, and more than USD1.74 million of potential orders. FCS has been endeavoring to expand its presence in India for two decades and currently, there are over 600 sets of FCS IMMs well running in its Indian clients' factories. With the know-how and differentiation strategies accumulated over the past 45 years from the Group, FCS is highly confident to become the leader of injection molding technology in India.