FA-160 intelligent & advanced servo hydraulic injection molding machine won the 29th (2021) Taiwan Excellence Award

The result of "29th Taiwan Excellence Award" which is sponsored by the Bureau of Foreign Trade and implemented by TAITRA, has been announced after a rigorous examination of 1,167 product submitted by 609 companies. FCS "FA intelligent advanced servo hydraulic injection molding machine" won the Taiwan Excellence Award. The award ceremony was held in Taipei on Nov 25th, 2020.

FCS_29th Taiwan Excellence Award  FCS R&D center manager Scott Chiu (third left) received the award representatively
Photo: 29th Taiwan Excellence Award;FCS (third left) received the award.

Research and development are the foundation of a company's self-growth and sustainability. FCS upholds the concept of continuous optimization and innovation, and has won 9 Taiwan Excellence Awards so far. The "intelligent advanced servo hydraulic injection molding machine FA-160" not only passed the review in the four major aspects of product development, quality, design, and marketing, but also enhanced consumers’ recognition of Taiwan’s high-quality machinery and brand image.

   FCS won the Taiwan Excellence Award
           Photo: FCS won the Taiwan Excellence Award

The “intelligent and advanced servo hydraulic IMM” – FA series is a high efficiency, energy-saving and advanced machine. It’s optimized, aesthetics and ergonomics design, and iMF4.0 Intelligent manufacturing applicable capacity help greatly improve the quality and efficiency.

FA series has total 11 models from clamping force 60~530 tons, and provides optional specification such as for sprayer and packaging industries which has created hot selling during COVID-19. The high-speed model is suitable for food packaging, cosmetics, 3C and optical element, especially for thin-walled industries.

FCS_Optional specification for sprayer_Advanced Servo Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine (FA-160) FCS_Optional specification for sprayer and packaging industries_Advanced Servo Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine 

Since launched in 2018, FA has been shown in more than 10 global exhibitions such as Taipeiplas, Chinaplas, K and NPE including the main market of Taiwan, China, Germany, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico and United States. The sales volume achieved 158 set (over USD 6.8 million) in 3 years, which means averagely sold one FA machine weekly. It’s been sold 70 sets (more than USD 4 million) during Jan ~ Oct of 2020 even under the impack of COVID-19.

FCS_Participate in the exhibition_Servo Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine (FA-160)   FCS_Participate in the exhibition_Servo Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine (FA-160)

FCS brand has been deeply rooted in the hearts of customers for over 45 years. "Taiwan Excellence Award" not only affirms FCS’s insistence and quality requirements for products, but also interprets the innovative value of injection molding machines as "fine products" and give a brand new concept to the injection industry. With the honor of the Taiwan Excellence mark, FCS will continue to work hard to achieve success on the international stage and create the brilliant record of Taiwan's injection molding machines.

Live stream: https://youtu.be/fp42LxcRR7M (FCS is at 1:33:52)