Example of Asia-Pacific Industry Chain-FCS Grasps 4.0 Trend and Strives to Double Sales Turnover

FCS Group was founded more than 40 years ago. When FCS was originally created, it has been marketing its own brands at home and abroad. It has been continuously innovating for many years, accumulating strength, and upgrading professional skills and services. It is Taiwan's largest and most powerful leading manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines. It has more than 70 global marketing sites, and the combined revenue was NTD 3 billion in 2016 and NTD 2.43 billion in the first three quarters of 2017, which was increased as compared to the same period of last year with an annual growth rate of 18%.

In the face of fierce market competition, FCS CEO Chun-hsien Wang attributed such brilliant results to two core strategies: "professional technology and global service". First, he provides customers with overall solution for plastic injection molding to strengthen quality and efficiency of mechanical design, and provide customers with effective whole plant planning and value-added services; second, the market reputation established by the back-end services effectively increases the customer's loyalty to the FCS brand.

Through the Asia-Pacific industry linkage platform, FCS and Thailand BDI have signed the MOU, focusing on the research and development of automotive locomotive component production systems, tailoring the 4.0 smart factory for BDI, and assisting it to become an important demonstration point for transformation and upgrading of Thailand's Industry 4.0. BDI will purchase FCS large-scale two-plate injection machine for trial production of high-priced products for Japanese carmakers. If customer certification is passed, it is expected to bring considerable orders for both parties.

Chun-hsien Wang, the CEO of FCS: “the Asia-Pacific Industrial Linkage Platform can help manufacturers expand the ASEAN market and directly provide opportunities for both companies to connect with each other, saving the time and cost of developing unfamiliar customers. “ He has a positive attitude toward this platform.

FCS actively seizes the industry 4.0 trend and develops a smart factory system. In response to the market, it is estimated that the 4th production base will be built in 2018. The CEO Chun-hsien Wang shouted with confidence that the company's turnover will be doubled within 3 years and will become Taiwan's first company to rank world's top 10 plastic injection molding manufacturers within 7 years.

Source: Commercial Times