Key Points - Maintenance for 4 Core Parts of Injection Molding Machine

Injection molding machines are generally used for long time working, hence, it is import to do the ordinary maintenance, to prevent from any machine breakdown to delay the production and delivery. 

FCS_All-Electric Injection Molding Machine (CT-e Series)

Effectively arranging the maintenance is necessary and it could greatly reduce the failure and improve the efficiency. For example, you can arrange daily maintenance for the most frequent failures, and weekly maintenance for less frequent items.

It is essential to arrange a specific personnel to be in charge of the maintenance, which would ensure the work is effectively done as scheduled. It is necessary to record the finished items, in order to make future evaluation accordingly.

For the ordinary hydraulic injection molding machines, the daily maintenance mainly starts from the following aspects:

1. Electrical system

a. Do not power on the machine if not necessary when checking high-voltage parts in the machine. 

b. Prevent cooling water from flowing into the control cabinet when changing a mold. 

c. Check the temperature in the control cabinet. High temperature may affect the normal  operation of electron plates. 

d. Replace the old relay with a new voltage relay specified by the manufacturer. 

FCS_Rotary Table Two-Component Injection Molding Machine (FB-R Series)

2. Hydraulic system

a. Maintain the pressure temperature of the injection molding machine between 30°C and 50°C. 60°C or above may result in deteriorated pressure oil due to oxidation. 

b. A decrease in pressure oil viscosity may result in oil pump damage, oil leakage and pressure drop, eventually affecting the efficiency of the pressure relief valve. 

c. Check whether there is water leakage inside the oil cooler to prevent cooling water from leaking into the oil cylinder. It is recommended to clean the oil cooler once every 6 months. 

d. Replace the pressure oil and remove and wash clean the oil screen inside the oil cylinder once every 3,000 to 4,000 hours the injection molding machine runs. 

e. In case of oil valve failure due to obstruction of the valve core by foreign bodies, remove the valve core, wash it clean with diesel oil or kerosene (or in clean pressure oil) and remove the foreign bodies in it with compressed air. Do not remove the oil valve at will unless it is confirmed that it causes a failure of the injection molding machine due to obstruction by foreign bodies. 

3. Clamping unit

a. The long service life of the hinge of the die clamping does not mean that the hinge requires no maintenance. Usually, each moving part should be properly lubricated (with lubricant or oil) to ensure that the service life of the hinge will not be shortened due to wearing. 

b. Keep the four tie bars clean at all times. Keep the sliding feet and rails of the moving formwork clean and lubricated. 

c. Do not clamp molds under insufficient or excessive working pressure. Do not run the clamp at ultra-speed when the molds is being regulated. 

d. Set the stroke of mold clamping to the most appropriate position to reduce the impact on the machine when the mold is being clamped. 

FCS_Large Horizontal Rotary Table Two-Component Injection Molding Machine (HB-R Series)

4. Injection unit

a. Keep the guide bar on the injection platform lubricated and clean. Keep the surface of the injection platform clean and dry. 

b. Do not add materials other than plastics, pigments and additives into the hopper. When using recycled plastics, do place a magnetic hopper holder into the hopper to prevent metal debris from entering the melting pot. 

c. Do not power on the melting motor or lose the cable when the melting pot does not reach the preset temperature. 

d. Consult the supplier whether any other special plastics can be used and what kind of screw should be used for such a plastic. 

e. Replace the plastics and clean the melting pot as instructed by the plastic supplier. 

f. Check regularly all parts of the injection platform and tighten all loose parts. Ensure balanced assembly of the injection cylinder to avoid oil leakage or wear of the cylinder core due to oil seal failure of the injection cylinder. 

g. Clean regularly the lubricating grease on the bearing of the hydraulic motor and apply new lubricant to it. 

h. Check regularly the washer and ring of the injection screw for wear to avoid continuous dark spots or discoloration of sol. 

If you have any questions regarding after-sales service and maintenance of the injection molding machine, please call the service hotline: +886 934-050-360 (Taiwan), or check your local service contact: https://www.fcs.com.tw/en/worldwide.html 
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