CHINAPLAS 2016 Preview

FCS sincerely welcomes you to come and visit our booth at CHINAPLAS 2016.

Location:Shanghai New International Expo Centre, PR China
Booth:E6 F41

First introduced in 1983, CHINAPLAS is currently Asia’s NO.1 and world’s NO.2 plastics and rubber trade fair. And it will be held in Shanghai from April 25th to 28th. The mega show this year features advanced technology, plastics and rubber technologies and products offered by more than 3,200 exhibitors from around the globe.

In this exhibition, FCS showcases new models of multi-functional design, high quality, and intelligence; they are Horizontal Rotary Table Two-Component IMMs, Servo Power-Saving Two-Component IMMs and Two-Platen Hydra-Mech IMMs. These models contain highly technical and innovative concept, which shows that FCS Group has a high degree of specialization in system integration and innovative development.

1. Functional Two-Component Molding System: HB-RV Series
In 2012, FCS successfully developed the HB-R: “High Tonnage Two-Platen Two-Component IMM”, series with a clamping force of up to 1,900 tons. This is one of few huge two-component IMMs in the world. This series combines the structure of Two-platen and Two-component model, the horizontal rotary table, stack mold, and the servo power-saving technology. This exhibition will show that the 350 ton (HB-350RV) machine could cover the same mold loading capacity as a traditional 1,000 ton Two-Component Injection Machine. It also has the following multiple features:
*A horizontal rotary platen eliminates any abrasion caused by the mass of its vertical rotary table and unsmooth rotation, allowing the mass production of huge dual component products.
*A longer mold daylight opening under the same tie bar distance for longer molds compared with vertical ones.
*Having only two platens for its clamping unit not only saves space, but also satisfies the demand for products that uses large two component molds.
*Equipped with a German servo system for higher energy efficiency.
*Highly suitable for two component products, such as covers for large home appliances, sunroofs and car lamps.
*This model is applicable for both single and double component machines to increase efficiency.
FCS will be displaying HB-350RV with KUKA 6-axis robot automatically producing two-component parts indicating the application of car sunroofs.

2. Precision Energy-saving Multi-component Molding System: FB-RV Series
With the advanced technology of two-component molding, FCS leads the industrial developing trend and displays the new design “Two-Components Servo Power-Saving IMM-FB-230RV”, which rotary table controlled by servo valve could shorten rotary time by more than 50%, and with more stable rotary speed switch and more precise positioning. Moreover, in the development of Servo Power-Saving Multi-Component IMM, the mold clamping force can be up to 1,900 tons; and with closed-loop servo value, the single-cylinder injection structure and accurate rotary positioning clamper, the machine can realize stable actuation and precise positioning, which lead to high-response, high-precision and high–repeatability. FCS designed two sets of core equipment on the rotary table and also consists of cooling system in the molds. This series machines is suitable for producing keyboard, tool handles, pen cover, car lamps and household appliances, etc.
With SEPRO’s robot system and On-line Monitoring Devices, FCS will be showing their FB-230RV automatically producing two-component drinking water bucket lid.

3. Two-Platen Hydra-Mech Molding System: LN-SV Series
With a bigger capacity, a longer clamping stroke, combined with well-known European technology, the Two-Platen Hydra-Mech IMM LN series presents itself as a formidable partner for production. Despite its long clamping stroke, its small design can save of 20% to 30% floor space making it suitable for products with deep depth. There is no toggle structure needed for the LN series. The clamping unit requires less lubrication and maintenance so the pollution and cost would be lower. The mold opening speed is faster which lessens cycle time. To sum up the advantages, the 2-Platen structure not only gradually replaces the traditional 3-Platen huge machine, but will also getting small and medium-sized.
With KUKA 6-axis robot, FCS will be showing LN-900SV automatically producing one-cavity small beach table weighted around 1.4g.

Sincerely welcome to visit our booth at CHINAPLAS 2016!

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