R & D Capability

Innovation and R & D are like the lifeblood of FCS. In order to provide customers the best quality products, FCS has been holding a philosophy including seven concepts on research and development, they are "Simple", "Precise", "Speedy", "Durable", "Stable", "Clean", "Economic". We continue to study advanced design and production techniques, committed to enhance our quality and performance. In recent years, since our R & D goals have been raised to "Providing total solutions to meet customers' needs", we add a new concept of "Turnkey". We provide value-added service to integrate all elements that injection molding technology will need, such as Plastic material, Molding equipment, Tooling technology, and even the back-end process.


Basic research is fundamental to maintain the continuous product evolution. On the basis of the existing R&D framework, FCS established PIM Laboratory (Precision Injection Molding Lab.) at the National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology. In PIM, we utilize our experience in R&D together with the software resources to analyze and study the clamping unit, injection unit, and various application of injection molding technology, such as: energy saving, structure optimization, screw design and mold flow analysis, etc. We also accumulated all those valuable research resources to build our R&D database. In PIM, we recruit and train new manpower from the campus, and also integrate multiple resources from industry, government, academia, research, to develop innovative technology and special models, and collaborate to make contributions for Taiwan industrial and academic development.


Hardware/Software Brand Qty Remarks
Pro/Engineer PTC 12 Mechanism design
Pro/E Mechanica PTC 2 Structure analysis
Moldex 3D Modex 3D 3 Mold flow analysis & design
ScrewPlus Modex 3D 1 Screw design analysis
Data acquisition system (DAQ) NI 1 Machine function inspection
Power analyzer meter HIOKI 1 Machine function inspection
Tie bar measuring system Beaumer 1 Clamping force measurement

有限元素分析 膜流分析
Finite element analysis Mold flow analysis