Injection Molding Machine Business

IMM Business Profile

  Taiwan Headquarters FCS Dongguan FCS Ningbo FCS Indonesia FCS India
Established Feb. 1974 Dec. 1994 Dec. 2001 Nov. 2015 Aug. 2019
Employees 360 140 300 12 31
Capital USD 49 million USD 6.4 million USD 7 million USD 325,000 USD 2.55million
Production 1,200set/year 960set/year 1,200set/year - 300set/year
Total area 70,000m2 14,000m2 34,000m 2 200m 2 10,000m 2
Factory area 42,000m 2 10,000m 2 20,000m 2 - 3,500m 2

FCS Taiwan

Fu Chun Shin Machinery Co. Ltd. Taiwan operation headquarters (FCS Taiwan), covering about 70,000 square meters, is currently the largest professional manufacturer of plastic injection molding machine manufacturers in Taiwan, which mainly engages in plastic injection molding machine development, production, and sales. It has three service centers in Taipei, Taichung, and Tainan, aims to get closed to the customers and provide the most convenient and speedy information and after services. FCS Taiwan produces wide range of injection molding machine models, covering clamping force from 50 tons to 4,000 tons, injection volume from min 20 grams to max 120,000 grams, and the export volume ranks the highest among the same industry in Taiwan.

FCS Taiwan is ISO-9001 and European CE safety mark certificated, and repeatedly received the award of "IT'S VERY WELL MADE IN TAIWAN" and "Award of Excellence, Design & Innovation – Plastics & Rubber Machinery". The most highlight prize is that FCS wins customer's long-term trust and reputation with its quality and innovation.


Sales contact

Hans Wang - Manager
TEL: +886-6-595-0688 Ext 6899
Neilson Su - Sales Director
TEL: +886-6-595-0688 Ext 6889


FCS Dongguan

With the development of industry and the changes of economic climate, Fu Chun Shin Machinery Co. Ltd (FCS) has insight into the trend of globalization and set up Dongguan Fu Chun Shin Plastic Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. (FCS Dongguan) in 1994 to integrate the company into the global market. It not only offers more direct and convenient services, and also functions as a base of FCS to boost the development in Mainland China.

FCS Dongguan houses a wide range of precise processing machines and equipments, focusing on processing components and assembling for plastic injection molding machines, and after service. It also built a Plastic Processing and Testing Factory to test injection molding machines on the site. Apart from inspecting the quality of machines, FCS Dongguan factory is also in charge of training, molds testing for clients and assisting clients to organize technicians training courses, etc. Presently, the clamping force of our machines in FCS Dongguan ranges from 60 tons to 1,000 tons. In the near future, we will develop and produce more large-sized, professional and sophisticated machines, to make contribution to the improvement and added value of injection molding machines in all Chinese-speaking regions.


Sales contact

Sally Gao - Vice General Manager
TEL: +86-135-6630-0075

FCS Ningbo

In anticipating the growing needs of the Chinese market, Fu Chun Shin Machinery Co. Ltd (FCS) has set up Fu Chun Shin (Ningbo) Machinery Co. Ltd. (FCS Ningbo) mainly for producing high precision Injection molding machines, molds, and other accessories. Not only producing the clamping force from 60 tons to 3,500 tons of injection molding machines which is able to cover the most requirements in China, FCS Ningbo also produces large-sized and customized machines, to satisfy the needs and enhance the market share by adopting a local production strategy.

In the market, FCS Ningbo aims to expand its domestic, Taiwanese and international markets. Currently, it has not only set up 11 offices in East China and North China, but also established an intensive marketing service network by combining dozens of agents to effectively meet the needs of customers.

With the efforts of employees and constant quality requirements, FCS Ningbo was recognized as a “National High-tech Enterprise” in 2009. In the future, based on our business philosophy, FCS provides customers with the best products and the most satisfactory services at a reasonable price.


Sales contact

Sam Kao - Vice General Manager
TEL: +86-574-56138666 Ext 8655

FCS India

India is one of the most populous nations in the world and its industries are rapidly developing. FCS determined to set up a plant in Ahmedabad, the largest city in Gujarat, India, to produce advanced injection molding machines including servo energy-saving, all-electric, multi-component, and huge type.

FCS has been in India market for more than 20 years and have over 1,000 machines working in customers’ plants. The pilot plant at Ahmedabad was established in 2019, with capacity of producing over 300 units of injection molding machines per year. In 2020, FCS invested USD 5.4 million to purchase 40,000 square meters of land for building another new plant. Both plants are in Sanand, a cluster of automotive industry, which is convenient for FCS and its nearby customers of automotive supply chain.

The new plant is expected to open in 2025, and the annual production capacity could reach up to 1,000 units, including products ranging from 100 tons servo machines up to 3,000 tons huge two-platen machines. It’s expected to provide India with all high-end machines for diverse industries, such as automotive parts, 3C appliance, food-packaging and medical supplies.

Sales contact

Kevin Lin - Manager
TEL: +91-99-98897768