Brand Story

Fu Chun Shin, since 1974, is the leading brand of injection molding machine in Taiwan. The name "Fu Chun Shin" comes from our initial factory site in "Fu Chun" Road, and "Shin" in Chinese sounds like "mind" and means "prosperity". We named it to expect ourselves to be of one mind as siblings in internal, and be of one mind for mutual profit in external. "FCS" comes from the abbreviation of Fu Chun Shin, now it already becomes a world renowned brand of injection molding machine.

In order to raise the service level, enhance guarantee for our clients, and improve the mutual interdependence and trust, since 2010, FCS has transformed itself from an "injection molding machine maker" to an "injection molding solution provider", which also means from the "purely product manufacturing" to the "comprehensive integration of technology resources". Since then, FCS brand spirit has got rebirth, and the brand font has been reinterpreted.

Fast Response

Customer Oriented

Service Differentiation

New FCS contains our self expectation, and our promise to customers. With the new spirits, FCS is resolved to practice our business philosophy: "Fast response", "Customer oriented", and "Service differentiation", giving all customers a brand new image, and striding proudly ahead.

Brand Story


  • A Logo during the pioneering stage, a typical portrayal of contemporary local enterprise.
  • Simple appearance, shows the idea of being pragmatic and roots-oriented when business
  • Use abbreviation "FCS", which has sketched the dream of stepping to the world.


  • Hexagonal structure comes from benzene of chemical elements, which says the dependent origination between FCS and plastics technology.
  • Screw in the middle is a symbol of the core of injection molding machine and FCS.
  • Use an image, emphasizing the concept of FCS product.
  • Image contains FCS abbreviation, since then FCS formally goes into the international stage.
  • Red and blue, means the alternating hot and cold cycle during injection molding process.


  • Independent FCS abbreviation as the international corporate identity.
  • The thick and calm appearance like nature ores emphasize the solid foundation.
  • Logo with changeable color, shows the vitality and adaptability of changing FCS.


  • Clearly announce the determination and fact that FCS has become a global brand.
  • Triangle symbolizes the nozzle, combining the meaning of the product images into text.
  • Italics shows speedy and positive feeling reveals the expectations of technological innovation and a high performance.
  • Keep red and blue, strongly expresses the ambition on global territory expansion.


  • FCS abbreviation combines the management concept, presenting simple, intellectual, not exaggerate, and upgrades the level of international brand image.
  • The powerful, simple, and straight lines, giving a sense of high technology and speed.
  • Slightly tilted shape conveys the coming of new generation and growing vitality
  • The horizontal green belt on "F"
    --saying the design concept and social responsibility of "Energy saving & Earth-friendly"
    --Keeping the meaning of "Screw" and "Injection" which are the cores of FCS machines
  • Steady dark blue plus unique green belt highlights FCS among the competitors, and expects FCS to steadily stride to next decades